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Doors and windows. Photographed at Hampi, Karnataka in 2017.

By Deepa Venkatesan

About Me

A work-in-progress writer, amateur filmmaker and a digital media artist.

As an online journalist with over five years of reporting and editing experience in India, I moved to Canada with the hope to diversify my knowledge of storytelling techniques. I am passionate about documentary filmmaking and writing. I’m currently working on an interactive documentary film on how women in India interpret spaces and create their version of feminism.

In the past, I have written about contemporary issues, politics, travel and culture through long form, radio, documentary and social media. I’m also passionate about audience engagement techniques, scripting, doing voice-overs and developing interactive web layouts.

The interactive documentary film, which is a project for York University, Toronto will be released around late summer 2020. Here’s a snip of one of my favourite shots of the film.

More on my work.

Digital Campaigns

I contributed as the digital communications consultant for planning the web layout, design and launch campaign for Mother Earth Resource Extraction Hub (MERE Hub). It is an online platform that connects and helps further empower Indigenous women land and water defenders in Canada and worldwide….read more.

Essays. Articles. Videos.

Read a collection of my essays and articles that have been published over the last few years. This section also has links to some of my videos and short films…. read more.


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Feminism. Impact. Documentaries. Identity. Digital Campaigns. Gender. Research. Writing. Content. Multimedia production. Culture. Asia. Communication.